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summer, sunsets & family.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Taking you all back to warmth, sunshine, and longer days with this blog post! Every summer, I go visit both sides of my family in upstate New York, and every summer I get the honor to photograph a bunch of my favorite kiddos. My extended family shares a cottage right on Lake Ontario — it has always been (and always will be) my favorite place. So many cousins, aunts, and uncles, too much swimming, lots of craziness, lots of relaxing, and plenty of card games. One of my favorite things about this place? The sunsets. I’m pretty sure part of my interest for photography was sparked by these sunsets. My aunt takes beautiful photos and when we were growing up she always took THE best silhouette photos of us kids. And still, when the sun starts to set, much of my family trickles out to photograph and observe the colorful sky. I feel like it’s kind of a tradition. I love traditions.

Anyway, photographing these sweet kiddos is usually a fairly crazy, whirlwind event… we are all in vacation mode, everyone is tuckered out from playing/swimming all day, AND to top it all off, I make them wait until the “golden hour” to do the photos (aka right before bedtime) because the light is amazing. Sounds evil I know. ;) But regardless of all those factors and possible recipes for disaster, these photos ALWAYS turn out to be some of my favorite photos of the year. And these kids are always so well behaved. Love my family. And yes, I love summer. Is it July yet?

First up, Kayla and Kaden! I’m calling it now, Kayla is going to be a future photographer. She LOVES cameras. It takes a lot of work to get some real smiles out of this sweet pea, but this year we had a special deal… if she gave me real smiles, she could use my back up camera to photograph her little brother! It worked out well. Can’t wait until I can actually hire her to be my assistant someday. :) Here are some of my personal favorites from our mini-session!

Next up: Morgan and Brady Caitlin. These girls make my “job” so easy! Morgan is such a sweet, loving little lady, and she’s a great big sister to her slightly more wild little sister. For real, Brady Cait is a little spit-fire. My favorite. :) Together, they make the cutest set of sisters ever.

Last up: Kaleb and Drew. Probably my two toughest subjects to photograph (even with an ice cream bribe). Don’t get me wrong, I get it… obviously throwing rocks in a dried up creek is wayyy cooler than listening to me make super corny jokes, right? Boys will be boys. :) But they are seriously some of the sweetest boys I know.

PHEW, aaaaand that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the little peek into my family and what goes down on my summer vacation :) Super anxious for July now! Thanks to all of my awesome cousins for having me capture some summer moments of your sweet little loves.



the bobb family │ old orchard beach maine family portrait photographer

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I consider Kristin one of my best friends. And not only that, but she’s my best photographer friend. You’ve probably seen me work with her or talk about her on my business page (her business is Sweet Life Memories Photography). She has helped me so much in getting where I am today, with her support, honest opinions, and really awesome advice. I am so thankful to have such a close friend that I can talk shop with — or photoshop? same thing.

Over the past couple years, I have also gotten to know her sweet family — adore them. With 8 year old twins and a 3 year old running around, I am still not yet sure how it’s possible to be a full time mom and full time business owner. But somehow she rocks it. The major downfall to being so busy? Any photographer with kids probably knows the answer to this question: not having enough photos of your kiddos, and especially not enough with YOU and your kiddos. So obviously we had to change that.

Kristin and I discussed what we should do for this event — after a busy summer, we were both exhausted by our local location options, so we thought it would be a fabulous idea to go down state to Old Orchard Beach and hit up not only the beach, but the carnival. Sounds like a super fun idea right?! Yeahhhh, it was. In fact, it was TOO much fun! Naturally, the kids wanted nothing to do with photos after seeing a bunch of games and rides and cotton candy around. Bad planning on our part ;) We both agree that the whole session felt like a chaotic hot mess, and I swear everything that could go wrong, went wrong. For example: major traffic jam on the way down, never knowing when the rides were going to shut down due to no official carnival closing time… yeah, whaaaa?, hungry kids = scored free donuts = eaten by seagulls (legit) = still hungry kids, the ferris wheel man wouldn’t let them all ride together even with my begging/puppy dog eyes, etc. But, in the end, after all the craziness, I am so excited with the shots we got! These capture their family just being them, which is of course, the ultimate goal. :)

Here are some of my favs!

Sorry for the 234897 photos :) But I can’t help it. Aren’t they such a beautiful family? LOVE LOVE LOVE. Kristin, thank you for your friendship and for everything else. I hope you love and cherish these pictures of your precious kiddos (plus the ones with Corey too I guess… haha, kidding Corey), and hang them up all over the walls of your pretty new house! Love you!



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