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the jurdaks │ bangor maine family portrait photographer

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

This was the second year in a row that I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable family. I LOVE return clients… it sort of feels like I am a small part of the family already, and it doesn’t take the kids quiteee as long to warm up to the idea of me having a camera in their face. This time around, the little mister was ONTHEMOVE, and the little misses thought pouting was wayyy cooler than smiling. I think I won in the end though ;)

Things I particularly adore about this session: 1. the lifestyle/free/fun feel to it, 2. their outfits — perfect, right? so simple and well-coordinated, and 3. that mom and I are totally on the same page about how fabulous non-traditional locations are. Most people think I am crazy when I suggest something like abandoned buildings or overgrown fields… but she is the one who suggested this type of location! So yeah, basically, this family rocks. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their session!

Can’t even wait for our next session together, you four! Enjoy your photos. :)



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